Music at its Best: The Berlin Philharmonic
From Karajan to Rattle.

The Berlin Philharmonic is a synonym for excellent musical enjoyment. During the last fifty years it has gone from success to success with its illustrious conductors Herbert von Karajan, Claudio Abbado, and Sir Simon Rattle. Dr. Annemarie Kleinert relates the history of this period. Knowledgeable and entertainingly, she presents the development and the internal organization of the orchestra, its collaboration with renowned guest conductors, soloists, and composers, as well as its many voyages. This is a factual yet also engaging book that includes personal observations of musicians and conductors along with numerous photographs mostly taken by one of the members of this musical ensemble.

Revised and translated from the German book into English by Allan Mitchell. With footnotes printed!

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Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstaedt, May 2009 (ISBN 3-8370-6361-5)

Berliner Philharmoniker.
Von Karajan bis Rattle.

Berlin: Jaron Verlag 2005, 160 p., with 48 figures (ISBN 3-8977-3131-2)

Revised and translated into Japanese. Translator Hideaki Mogami. With footnotes printed!

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Alpha-Beta publishing company, Tokio, June 2007 (ISBN 978-4-8719-8548-2)

Le Journal des Dames et des Modes
ou la Conquête de l'Europe Féminine (1797 - 1839)

The book describes the history of one of the first feminine journals in France. The magazine lastet 42 years, and was widely spread. A critic compared its influence to the one of Napoleon because the periodical's conquests were valued higher than the one of the emperor, lasting longer than his reign. The journal's copperplate engravings were copied everywhere in the civilized world. They originated from talented designers (i.e. Horace Vernet and Paul Gavarni). It is very probable that one of his journalists was the early Honoré de Balzac, a discovery which gives new insights into the Balzac-research.

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Les débuts vers 1800
L'apogée du journal
Le déclin après 1831
Remerciements, figures, index

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Stuttgart: Thorbecke 2001, 502 p., with 170 figures (ISBN 3-7995-7440-9)

Freie Universität Berlin. 1948 - 1973.
Hochschule im Umbruch.
Teil IV: 1969 - 1973. Die ungeliebte Reform.

Compiled and documented by Annemarie Kleinert, Peter Jahn and Jochen Staadt.

Berlin: FU Berlin 1990, 457 p.

Portrait of an Artist: Eva Evdokimova

Eva Evdokimova is doubtless one of the greatest ballerinas of the 20th century. The book describes the dancer's life, assesses her art, and supplies numerous illustrations of key moments in her career. It studies training at ballet schools in Munich and London, her apprenticeship in the corps de ballet in Copenhagen, her rise from soloist to prima ballerina at the Berlin opera, her maturation with the London Festival Ballet, and finally her stardom in many guest performances all over the world. Special attention is payed to her winning competitions in Moscow and Varna, and her being with the Kirov Ballet in Leningrad. It also analyses her interpretations of Giselle and Swan Lake. Interviews with some of her fellow dancers, such as Peter Breuer, who shared the stage with her in Coppelia and Romeo and Juliet, provide further insight into her art.

It can be ordered at "Versandantiquariat Markus Schröder"

London: Dance Books 1982, 132 p. (ISBN 3-927433-44-6)

Porträt einer Künstlerin: Eva Evdokimova

It can be ordered at "Versandantiquariat Markus Schröder"

Berlin: W. Stapp 1981, 135 p. (ISBN 3-87776-704-4)

Die frühen Modejournale in Frankreich.
Studien zur Literatur der Mode von den Anfängen bis 1848.

This book is a pioneering study of the important sector of the French press, the fashion magazines. It describes how this sector evolved, and the first fifty years of its existence. Exemplarily magazines are investigated as far as their content and style is concerned. One of the key aspects is the connection between politics and these magazines, and also the importance of french famous writers, painters, and engravers for these journals. The book sketches the development of these periodicals from an elitist to a popular press.

With a bibliography of the journals until 1926.

Read PDF online. (30.9 MByte)

E. Schmidt 1980 (Studienreihe Romania), 372 p. and numerous tables. (ISBN 3-503-01614-7)