Researcher in Various Fields of History.

I was born in Westphalia, as the first of three sisters. After an education in Münster, I specialized in French History. During semester breaks I worked temporarily at Geneva at the international center CERN.

There, I met my later husband Hagen Kleinert who was a professor of physics in Berlin. In 1970 we moved in together, and I started my Ph.D. studies at the Free University Berlin. For several years I was involved in research projects financed by the German Science Foundation (DFG). We married in 1974, and I got my doctor-degree in 1976. In between we spent several times half a sabbatical year at American universities, such as Pasadena, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Miami.

In 1989 I had my son Michael Kleinert. Since then I work as an independent author in the field of cultural history.

The results of my work were presented in books, journals, and lectures.

My most important research dealt with the history of the French feminine press. In that field I published many articles, and two pioneering books. In one of them I discovered that Honoré de Balzac anonymously worked for the Journal des Dames et des Modes before he started his career as a writer of novels. This was unknown before.

A popular book I wrote was the biography on Eva Evdokimova, prima ballerina, especially dancing in the 1970s and 1980s all over the world, often with Rudolf Nureyev.

For the 40th anniversary of the Free University Berlin, I was commissioned to write a documentary on the post-revolutionary years 1969 to 1973.

Another popular book I wrote was the one on the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, starting with the period of its most famous conductor Herbert von Karajan. It was published in German, and translated to English and Japanese.

Curriculum Vitae

Birthday: Februar 1st, every year!
Nationality: German
Parents: Hedwig and Ferdinand Ludwig


High School: Annette-von-Droste-Huelshoff-Gymnasium, Münster
Further education: French Literature, History, Philosophy, Geography, Textile Design, Pedagogics.
1966 - 1968: University of Muenster
1968 - 1969: University of Grenoble
1969 - 1972: University of Berlin
1972: Staatsexamen für das Lehramt an Gymnasien
1972 - 1976: Free University of Berlin
1976: Doctor of Philosophy


1969 - 1972: Various part time jobs as a student at the international organisation of CERN in Geneva
1975 - 1976: Research Fellow at the Free University of Berlin
1976 - 1981: Research Fellow at the University of Hannover
1982 - 1984: Various visits of universities in the USA, lectures given at Caltech in Pasadena, at the Univ. of California at Santa Barbara, at the University of Hawaii. Lectures given in Paris, Lyon and Italy.
1985: Research Fellow at the Free University of Berlin
1985 - 1986: Visiting Lecturer at the University of California at San Diego
1987: Research Fellow at the Free University of Berlin
Since 1987: Lectures presented at various institutions: Paris (Sorbonne, Institut Historique Allemand), Bielefeld (Zentrum fuer Interdisziplinaere Forschung), Frankfort (Historisches Museum), Florence (University), Jena (University), La Flèche, Ann Arbour (University). Publication of articles in dictionaries and
historical journals. Contribution to the catalogue of an exhibition, broadcast interviews, book reviews. Work in archives and libraries.
2006: Organization of a big scientific conference (MG11) in Berlin.

Status: 09/09/2012